The Gimo's Side Zip Moto Jacket
The cross-country, blue-collar-romantic style that arose around Beat Generation figures like Dean and Jack Kerouac—the originators of cool—had a defining influence on the Americana tradition. In contrast to the more mainstream recreational look that came out of the luxury automobile boom (driving shoes, long scarves, and car coats), the early Americana style reflected a unique blend of ruggedness and romance—a certain softness and earnestness underscoring a rough exterior.
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The Hemingway & Spitfire Leather Jackets
American mythology has a westward gaze. So often we look to the symbols of the Western frontier in order to communicate our values and yearnings. Big skies, wide ranges, wild ponies, the open road… they resonate in the human spirit because of what they represent—freedom, adventure, a sense of openness and possibility.
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The Boglioli Sport Coat
Spotlighting the K-Jacket that made Boglioli an icon of modern sport coat style The Boglioli family earned their reputation for innovative, stylish design more than 100 years ago as tailors in Gambara, Italy. It was not long before they gained...
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5 Pocket Jeans – The New-Classic Necessity
For comfort, quality, and classic style, 5-Pockets are hard to beat. Their versatility shouldn’t be overlooked either. A good pair of 5-Pocket jeans will complement virtually any pairing—from polo shirt to double-breasted coat—with subtle distinction.   History of an Icon...
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A Tale of Two Cities

Our sport coat collection could be a tale of two cities—virtually all of our jackets come from Naples and Milan.

Perhaps in some ways that isn’t so surprising. Italy’s twin cities of fashion are leading figures in the international fashion industry. But what makes their stories interesting is how they are at once so different and so similar.

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