The Gigi

In 2012, Mario and Pierluigi (Gigi) sold their interest in the family tailoring company, Boglioli, and embarked on a new venture. The Gigi collection was first launched at Pitti Uomo in Florence in January 2014 and will arrive at our store in the next 2 to 3 weeks.

The essence of the collection is to expose the classics of a man's wardrobe to a "meteor shower" of colors, fabrics, and weaving techniques never before attempted. Inspirations are taken from architecture and photography. Jacquards* and Fil Coupés** play integral parts in their designs. Sounds confusing, but the end result is far from it. There is an orderly, although unconventional look to their patterns. A feel of modern design, but not over the top. Their mantra, "Don't look back", stitched into all their creations, reflects Gigi's passion for always being one step ahead, already proven in the garment dyed, unconstructed Boglioli K Jacket of 1999.

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Kiton Matador Jacket

Entirely hand sewn, this bolero style jacket by Kiton features an exquisite blend of cashmere, wool, linen, and silk. Combined, these materials create an elegant and smooth herringbone fabric, exclusive to Kiton, with a subtle sheen that seems to welcome the evening as much as the light of day. There is no form of closure to this piece and yet it manages to maintain its form and drape ever so perfectly. The hand sewn seam around the middle of the jacket together with the subtle darts that fan out from the middle are details that further enhance this flattering piece. Its Satin lining, roped shoulders, and no pockets maintain a clean, unaffected look. As expected, the Kiton Matador Jacket fits impeccably true to size. Made in Italy.

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