Gimo's Giovanni Jacket

$ 1,695.00

SKU: Gimos-S17-M02-Blue-L
The Giovanni Jacket by Gimo’s is made from hand-washed and vintaged leather in a soft-toned steel blue color. Gimo’s craftsmen are some of the best in the world at producing authentically vintaged ...
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Gimo's Francesco Jacket

$ 1,675.00

SKU: Gimos-S17-M06-Brown-M
The Francesco Jacket by Gimo’s features a washed and well-vintaged dark brown leather. Gimo’s craftsmen are some of the best in the world at producing authentically vintaged leathers, and their exp...
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Gimo's Pierre Luigi Bomber Jacket

$ 1,125.00

SKU: Gimos-S17-M04-Brown-M
The Pierre Luigi Jacket by Gimo’s is a lightweight bomber-inspired jacket made from washed and lightly hand-vintaged leather in a mid-brown shade. A featherweight body-lining of 100% cotton enhance...
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Gimo's Fredrico Hooded Leather Jacket

$ 1,595.00

SKU: Gimos-S17-M08-Olive -M
The Fredrico Jacket by Gimo’s is made from a washed and well-vintaged olive-brown leather. The jacket’s leather face and back have a clean build, with subtle visual depth from its rugged metal zipp...
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Gimo's Mulholland Jacket in Stone

$ 2,150.00

SKU: Gimos-S17-M15-Stone-48
The Mulholland Jacket by Gimo’s is made from hand-vintaged goatskin leather in a nuanced stone coloration. Time and again we praise Gimo’s craftsmen for their peerless touch with authentically vint...
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Gimo's Giuseppi Jacket

$ 1,195.00

SKU: Gimos-S17-M01-Beige-M
The Giuseppi Jacket by Gimo’s is made from hand-washed and lightly vintaged genuine leather in a handsome desert color, lending a character of vintage refinement to this modern-classic styled piece...
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Gimo's Martin Jacket

$ 1,325.00

SKU: Gimos-S17-M07-Olive-M
The Martin Jacket by Gimo’s is made from hand-washed and lightly vintaged genuine leather in an excellent olive color—registering a sense of adventure, roughish romance, and well-traveled style. Gi...
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Gimo's Pierro Jacket

$ 1,565.00

SKU: Gimos-S17-M03-Beige-M
The Pierro Jacket by Gimo’s is made from a washed genuine leather in a soft beige tone that perfectly complements the jacket’s vintage aesthetic. Gimo’s masterful vintaging process provides the Pie...
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Gimo's Rogero Jacket

$ 1,150.00

SKU: Gimos-S17-M05-Cognac-50
The Rogero Jacket by Gimo’s is made from a lightly washed genuine leather in a classically handsome cognac color. With its clean look, mild vintaging, and lightweight build, the Rogero is a highly ...
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Gimo's Sutrino Jacket

$ 1,595.00

SKU: GIMOS-F16-M13-Navy-50
Gimo’s Sutrino Jacket is a mid-weight car coat-alternative made from a tightly woven wool-alpaca blend. The collar is real lambskin shearling, with genuine leather detailing at the pockets, cuffs, ...
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Gimo's Croschetino Shearling Jacket in Light Grey

$ 3,432.00

SKU: GIMOS-F16-M10-Lt Grey-50
Gimo’s Croschetino Jacket is a mid-length (below waist but shorter than a car coat) 100% lamb shearling jacket. The exterior has a brushed and sueded finish with a clean look, save for the seams’ s...
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Gimo's Ignitiato Jacket

$ 2,100.00

SKU: GIMOS-F16-M04-Rust-50
The Ignitiato Jacket by Gimo’s is made from vintaged genuine leather with a lightly insulated wool-blend body lining and breathable featherweight sleeve lining. The front closure features a zipper ...
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Gimo's Verona Shearling Coat in Navy

$ 3,995.00

SKU: GIMOS-F16-M18-Navy-54
The Verona Shearling Coat is made from Merino lamb shearling in a smooth navy shade with a rich brown leather and shearling trim. Merino wool is wonderful for its warmth, breathability, and minimal...
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Gimo's Wilson Range Coat in Graphite Green

$ 1,950.00

SKU: GIMOS-F16-M06-Graphite Green-48
Gimo’s Wilson Range Coat is made from lightweight lamb suede, fully lined for warmth, breathability, and comfort. Hand-vintaging gives the leather great texture and depth, while the classic design ...
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Gimo's Torato Quilted Down Jacket

$ 2,772.00

SKU: GIMOS-F16-M14-Navy-54
Gimo’s Torato Jacket features a quilted exterior of washed and brushed suede, insulated with a real goose down lining. With a removable shearling collar, fleece lined side pockets, a fleece lined c...
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Gregorino Jacket

$ 1,461.00

SKU: GIMOS-F16-M07-Cognac-L
The Gregorino Jacket is a lightweight leather jacket made from an incredibly soft, light, and supple lambskin leather and lined with 100% cotton in the body for utmost breathability. Expert hand-wa...
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