Edward Green’s motto, “excellence without compromise,” is well earned. No wonder—little less will do when your customers include the Duke of Windsor, Ernest Hemingway, and Cole Porter.

Every time we stock Edward Greens, one of the first things to stand out is the quality of their materials and craftsmanship. When we special-ordered these Westminster double monk straps, we wanted to take full advantage of Edward Green’s exquisite leathers. This clove-colored suede was an unqualified success.

We’ve always had a soft spot for suede. Its supple character makes suede shoes break-in faster and become more comfortable than other leathers, and its timeless style is hard to top. Perhaps suede’s greatest appeal though is the way it adds texture and vitality to rich colors. That’s on full display here, as the clove tone simply has tremendous character.

Edward Green does great work with monk straps—their simple, sweeping construction make them an elegant choice for any occasion. We asked for these to be made on Edward Green’s slim 82 last, accentuating the monks’ naturally sleek silhouette. The 82 last’s toe is also notable. Its narrowed, almond shape may not fit every foot, but when it works, it really works. The Westminster also uses a single sole to enhance its low profile.

All of our shoes come with the original cedar shoetree from Edward Green. Simply put, this quality deserves care.

For those who appreciate the difference.

Axel Wilhelmsen