Lee Downey

Lee Downey

Lee Downey, a native of California, has been making jewelry for more than 35 years. He got his start as a silversmith in Arizona, where his interaction with the turquoise trade sparked his lifelong passion for precious stones. His full-time production studio is based in Bali, and the island’s beauty, color, and history permeate his work.

Downey’s style is wonderfully unique, and his art reflects the influence of his Western upbringing as well as his immersion in Asian culture, gained from years of travel through the continent. His work elicits spiritual dimensions as well, as Downey considers the links to natural history that ancient gemstones provide. His work pays tribute to that history by taking part in it.

"The hope is that these bits and pieces of art…will survive into the far future, heirlooms and treasures that are built to endure the long haul of time and the rewards of real beauty."

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