Domenico Mazzarelli inherited the family tailoring business from his father, Marino, who opened it fifty-five years ago in Castellana Grotte. Located in Southern Italy, in the region of Apulia, Castellana Grotte has a storied past of artisan clothiers. According to local folk tradition, 12th century Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II, while constructing the famous Castel del Monte, commissioned clothing orders from local seamstresses, who passed their skills through the generations.

Mazzerelli is a living part of that history, having been honored with a commission of three personal, entirely hand-tailored shirts for Pope Benedict XVI. The company still operates in the “old-world way”, with its twenty-six employees, including seamstresses, cutters, and tailors. This intimate, hands-on operation reflects the origins of the trade in Apulia, where the shirt is a traditional “gift of love”, and brides would embroider them as wedding gifts for their spouses.

Every Mazzerelli shirt is taken from hand-cut fabric, with all detailing—sleeves, collars, cuffs, and mother-of-pearl buttons—sewn on one piece at a time by skilled hands, ensuring remarkable comfort and the best fit possible.

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