The Kiton Collection

Our fondness for Kiton’s work is no secret. Launched by fifth generation tailor Ciro Paone, Kiton is a Neapolitan icon.


There is a distinctly Neapolitan expression in Kiton’s sport coats, an effortless elegance belying the careful work of every stitch. Each coat is as unique as the hands that built it, offering unparalleled comfort and fit that literally shapes to the wearer’s body. Their work is both an art and a way of life, in many ways a reflection of the city they call home.

The art of living beautifully. It's about beauty over perfection, authenticity over imitation. It's the spirit with which Ciro Paone founded his company, and the tradition held in every thread of a Kiton jacket. Il meglio del meglio più uno—the best of the best plus one.