Our fondness for Kiton’s sport coats is no secret. Launched by fifth generation clothier Ciro Paone, Kiton is an icon of traditional Neapolitan tailoring. By any measurement, their sport coats are world-class. Each one is as unique as the expert hands that stitch it, boasting unparalleled comfort and fit that literally shapes to the wearer’s body. Style for any location or season, versatility to dress down, comfort and durability for travel—a Kiton suit is a wardrobe foundation.

There is a distinctly Neapolitan expression in Kiton’s sport coats, an indefinable sense of effortless elegance that belies the careful work involved in creating each and every one. For Kiton, clothing is both an art and a way of life, and in many ways their creations pay tribute to the unique style of the city in which they were born.

Naples has a reputation for beautiful living. European elites historically traveled the city for its warmth, color, and restorative joie di vivre. They brought a worldly influence upon Neapolitan fashion, combining cosmopolitan luxury with laidback local grace to create a distinctive style. It is a style that favors beauty over perfection, individuality over uniformity, and authenticity over imitation; it balances the impossible and makes it look effortless.

In this way, Naples stands out from other Italian cities. Rome, for example, is characterized by a crisp, serious, English-influenced style that reflects its place at the political center of the country, while Neapolitan style speaks to a more easygoing, beautiful, and casual way of living. If one word could sum it up, it would be sprezzatura.

Gianni Agnelli, an Italian industrialist of the last century and paragon of modern style, exemplified sprezzatura. A man of impeccable taste (he was known to wear Kiton), he cultivated certain quirks of dress—hiking boots with a bespoke suit, the knot of his tie askew, a watch on the outside of his shirtsleeve—that lent a casual, charismatic irreverence to his otherwise pristine appearance.

Agnelli’s ‘inventions’ (especially the watch) have been imitated often, but the copies inevitably ring hollow. By the nature of its individuality, sprezzatura is not a formula to be copied. Rather it is an art—the art of living beautifully. It is a maxim of making one’s own style. It is the tradition upon which Ciro Paone founded his company, and it is the creative spirit that goes into every stitch of a Kiton suit.




June 27, 2016 by Stirling Thomas

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