Gossamer Wings

She grew up in California when it was still part of the West. Her daddy was a rodeo producer. (Roy Rogers and Tennessee Ernie Ford were dinner guests at the family ranch.) Atop her trusty paint pony she trick-roped her way to Hollywood.

That’s her on the cover of The Ventures’ album Walk, Don’t Run. She met Andre de Dienes and the MGM lion (Major was his name). She once had her purse stolen by a runaway chimp from the next set over. The old days of Hollywood.

You should see the way she lights up when she talks about Elvis. She met him, too, as a stunt girl for “Paradise, Hawaiian Style”. He’d flub his lines with a wink, so the extras got extra-time pay.

Then it was on to the Big Apple. Fit modeling for Ralph Lauren, a few dates with Frank Sinatra. Fly me to the moon on… 

Gossamer Wings, made especially for Axel’s.

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