Stile Latino

The third generation in the most venerated name in Neapolitan tailoring, Vincenzo Attolini, Jr. branched off from the family firm in 2005 to create his own label—Stile Latino. Vincenzo Jr. abides by the same rules of traditional craftsmanship used by his father and grandfather, who many consider the founder of modern Neapolitan style.

 Vincenzo’s dedication to perfection is such that Stile Latino’s jackets are among the few in the world still made entirely by hand. Combining this unparalleled craftsmanship with a classic sense of style and keen eye for contemporary interpretation, Vincenzo Attolini Jr. has created, simply, some of the best jackets in the world today. Of course, Stile Latino’s mastery of style and craft isn’t limited to jackets alone. They’ve applied the same principles to a variety of men’s classics, and the results have been equally impressive. Give them a try—we think you’ll agree.

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