Comstock Heritage Belt Buckles & Accessories

Comstock Heritage Tyson Log Cabin

In this belt buckle, the rustic log cabin is turned into something luxurious. The Tyson Log Cabin belt buckle is made with heavy sterling silver square wire. First the silver... Learn More

$ 6,000.00

Comstock Heritage Halogen SM 14k B

Small 30mm rectangle "Halogen" buckle with 14k gold bands top and bottom, hand florentined. Fits all 30mm belt straps. Learn More

$ 1,500.00

James Christian Pushing The Rock

Handmade sterling silver with 18k round wire edge, interrupted by hope. The top half of the buckle is textured silver, the bottom half is textured 18k gold, as a representation... Learn More

$ 27,000.00

Comstock Heritage Tyson Jamison

This understated buckle is perfect for those just starting their buckle collections, or for more formal occasions. It’s made from heavy-gauge, hand-engraved sterling silver, and its rectangular face is adorned... Learn More

$ 1,500.00

Comstock Heritage Tyson Garden

In one of their more intricate pieces, Comstock Heritage combines scrollwork and jewelry to great effect. Across the entire face, the silver is carved by hand and overlaid with multi-colored,... Learn More

$ 7,800.00

Comstock Heritage Preston Brambles

30MM Preston shape with heavy filgreed rose, yellow, and green gold brambles and thorns. Surrounded by a thick 14k yellow gold border. Hand engraved and antiqued. Learn More

$ 5,850.00

Comstock Heritage Mason B E 30mm

Sterling silver handmade "Mason" buckle. Rectangle with rounded corners, heavy gauge sterling silver, hand cut wide bands top and bottom, Florentine engraved inside. Learn More

$ 1,300.00

Comstock Heritage Sutro sm E 14k B

Sterling silver small oval with a 14k Royal Yellow oval base, 14k round rose gold wire edge, hand engraved. Learn More

$ 3,700.00

Comstock Heritage Sutro Edison

Often the silversmiths at Comstock Heritage are inspired by nature, and this buckle is no different. For this piece they have taken gold wires and shaped them into something representing... Learn More

$ 9,500.00

Comstock Heritage Cross Hatch Money Clip

Large heavy gauge wide bend money clip, STERLING CROSS HATCH Learn More

$ 1,150.00

Comstock Heritage Gold Skull Money Clip

Large heavy gauge wide bend money clip with 14k red gold skull with diamond eyes & cross bones.     Learn More

$ 1,500.00

Comstock Heritage Engraved Money Clip

Large heavy gauge hand made pass through money clip with hand engraved floral pattern. Learn More

$ 1,185.00