Boglioli Cashmere

Boglioli Cashmere

4 generations of tailors from the Boglioli family have made Gambara in the province of Brescia in Northern Italy their home. Classic tailoring was their business until the two brothers, Mario and Pierreluigi changed the name of their brand to the family name, and began experimenting with fabric compositions and treatments.

With the casual lifestyle promoted much by the dot com crowd of the late 90's, the Boglioli brothers saw an opportunity to modify the make of the traditional tailored jacket. They eliminated the lining, took the roping out of the shoulders and washed and dyed the finished product. The result was a softer, lighter jacket that was much easier to wear. They found that with no lining and the garment washed, the fabric became much more pliable, allowing a snugger fit of the jacket without compromising elegance or comfort.

It should be said, it was not as simple as it sounds to start with. Every centimeter of a 50 meter bolt of material reacted to the washing/dying process in its own unique way. It was not until this variable was harnessed that they could enter into a full fledged production.

Thus the birth was given to the Boglioli K-Jacket, the most classic style in the company's current line-up. It is offered in double breasted, 3 button rolled to 2, and 2 button finishes. Many have tried to emulate the process and the piece, but very few, if any, have succeeded to the extent the Boglioli brothers have.

Our favorite fabric for this model is cashmere. Aside from being soft to the touch, it is beautiful in both look and feel.


My life is such these days that I go to Europe many times a year. My family lives in Norway, our business primarily is done in Italy. I only travel with carry-on luggage. The cashmere K jacket always comes with me, summer or winter. It has been a pillow on airport floors, a warming layer crossing fjords on the North Sea, a cardigan for cross country ski tours, and it still looks great after 4 years of constant use. Worn with Edward Green shoes, my PT 05 jeans, a white Finamore spread collar shirt and my favorite Kiton tie, I'm completely at home in my K Jacket whether in Milan or Naples. In London, I might switch out my jeans for a pair of grey flannels.


Our buy in cashmere K-Jackets this year includes includes 4 colors in each of the 3 fabrics;

  • solid hop-sack,
  • herringbone, and
  • understated plaid.

Fit is trim but not slim. Should you already own a Boglioli Dover model, you may go down a size. K-Jackets typically are 2cm longer (size 50) than their Dover counterpart.


Should it be within your budget, please try one of these super soft cashmere wonders, but do not hold us responsible for unsolicited stroking...........


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