The Finamore Sport Shirt comes washed with a softer collar and no stays, portraying a shirt of casual elegance that pairs really well with our unconstructed Boglioli cashmere jackets. For those not familiar with the Finamore Sport Shirts, there are 5 hand sewn steps incorporated in the finishing of this shirt; these are the attachment of the collar, sleeves, yoke, buttons and the finishing of the buttonholes, where daily wear makes most of its mark.

The Finamore Dress shirt, on the other hand, comes pressed with collar stays giving the shirt a more formal elegance and may be worn well with any of our jackets. Two additional hand sewn steps are added to the make of this model. They include the attachments of the sleeve plackets and the mouche, another mark of Neapolitan craftsmanship. Why so much attention to hand stitching? It is a notable luxury to literally feel the shirt move with you, particularly at such stress areas as collar, yoke and sleeves.

The two collars we use are the Sergio spread and the Lucio button down. Both measure 5 cm in the back and 4 cm in the front. This is higher than most ready-to-wear shirts, and in our opinion, it frames the face better. The fit of the shirts is trim, but not slim. All Finamore shirts come with 1 button rounded cuffs and they are of course made in Italy.

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Stirling Thomas