James Christian "Running in Circles"

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James Christian belt buckle, handmade with sterling silver, 22k gold, and colored diamonds.


Running in Circles features an array of circles that is at once chaotic and balanced, all contained within the buckle's sterling silver oval with 18k yellow gold round wire edge. The inner adornments are composed of 14k rose, sterling silver, 18k yellow gold, 14k white gold, and a large 22k circle around a 18k gold James Christian jester. Some circles have are centered with yellow and blue diamonds, while the 14k white gold circles feature off-centered green or cognac diamonds.


James Christian pieces have a particular meaning for creator James Christian Stegman—these are works of unapologetic curiosity and self-exploration, art made for the artist. All James Christian pieces bear the trademark Jester, an image of special significance to James. The jester is a classic literary figure of underestimation, a “wise fool" whose comedy masks incisive commentary and satire. Stegman, whose workshop looks more like a speakeasy than a studio, says he would prefer to be underestimated.