Gianfranco Lotti Handbags

Founded in Florence in 1968, Gianfranco Lotti is an iconic luxury line whose history and style are interwoven with the city it calls home. Eponymous founder Gianfranco Lotti is a lifelong Florentine. As an adolescent he apprenticed as a leather artisan before starting his own company, where he specialized in leather belts until he could afford the materials and machinery necessary to make handbags. Gianfranco Lotti’s enduring, worldwide renown as a symbol of luxury style comes from, in large part, the timeless elegance and attractiveness of its design—classically beautiful in a way that can be worn above and regardless of prevailing trends. Lotti credits his home city’s timeless beauty as inspiration: “Florence inspires beauty.” Even the brand’s signature keyhole emblem derives from the iconic doors of Florence’s 14th century homes.

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