The Boglioli Sport Coat

The Boglioli Sport Coat

Spotlighting the K-Jacket that made Boglioli an icon of modern sport coat style

The Boglioli family earned their reputation for innovative, stylish design more than 100 years ago as tailors in Gambara, Italy. It was not long before they gained quite a following, and the Bogliolis soon found great success producing clothing—especially their flagship sport coats—on a wider scale.

The drive for innovation is a family trait, and in the 1990s the Bogliolis rededicated their focus exclusively to their own brand. They established a signature style of deconstructed elegance and meticulous tailoring that is now synonymous with the family name.

The now-iconic Boglioli K-Jacket represented a watershed moment for not just the brand, but also for men’s fashion in general. It was the first time anyone had perfected the two characteristics that would become Boglioli’s signature: the unstructured design and the garment washing process.

Prior to the Boglioli K-Jacket, the unstructured sport coat—now a hallmark of men’s fashion—had been attempted but never mastered. With no padding or lining to hide tailoring mistakes, the production process allows no room for error. The K-Jacket is a testament to Boglioli’s technical mastery, and its natural fit made possible a stylishly at-ease look that is as appealing now as it was then.

Boglioli’s other signature trait, the garment washing process, was an innovative way to relax a fabric and give it a vintage effect—the perfect complement for the K-Jacket’s decadently easygoing style. In some sense, the garment washing process itself is an act of blithely louche style; there’s a wonderfully Gatsby-esque sort of decadence in taking the world’s finest materials and running them through the wash to relax them a bit. It’s a nice reminder not to take things too seriously.

The Boglioli Umberto Pashmina K-Jacket in Navy exemplifies all of the characteristics that make Boglioli sport coats some of our favorites. It’s made from 100% pashmina, one of the finest cashmeres to be found. Pashmina translates to “soft gold” in the language of Kashmir, where it originated in the 15th century. In a nice touch of rakishly unpretentious luxury, Boglioli used this fabric in an understated wide-herringbone navy. Unassuming from a distance, its subtle depth and natural silhouette reward those who pay attention to the little things.

The Boglioli Umberto Pashmina K-Jacket
The Boglioli Umberto Pashmina K-Jacket

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