Western-inspired leather jackets add Americana flavor to Axel’s Signature Collection

American mythology has a westward gaze. So often we look to the symbols of the Western frontier in order to communicate our values and yearnings. Big skies, wide ranges, wild ponies, the open road… they resonate in the human spirit because of what they represent—freedom, adventure, a sense of openness and possibility.

Americana-Western style expresses a unique mix of ruggedness and romance. In fact, the two are deeply intertwined. What come to mind are rich leathers, broken-in and supple-soft from years of hearty wear. That’s what we wanted when we added these leather jackets to Axel’s signature collection, and we certainly got it.

The Spitfire Jacket and Hemingway Jacket were both made in California, and their looks reflect the spirits of their namesakes. The Spitfire takes its name from the iconic aviator jacket, but it also draws inspiration from the quintessentially Americana James Dean-style motorcycle jacket. The combination is an understated, aesthetically rugged leather jacket that, with a closer look, reveals striking depth and complexity created by a meticulous, garment washing and hand-vintaging process.

The Hemingway Jacket, appropriately, interprets elements of the classic safari jacket into the build of a Western range coat, creating a roughish romantic style to make Papa Hemingway proud. A variety of exterior features—including matching bellows patch chest pockets, adjustable straps at the waist and cuffs, and a half belt bi-swing back—give this hearty leather jacket an endearingly rugged appearance, which is complemented by the tanned calfskin’s subtle patina and rich texture.

With their world-class leathers, first-rate American craftsmanship, and timeless look, these jackets combine frontier spirit with modern-classic style to make outerwear fit for any setting or season.

Axel Wilhelmsen