Stallion Vintage Goat Suede Zorros

The Goat Suede Zorro in vintage camel combines elements of traditional Western design with broader Americana style concepts to create an original and accessible boot. The ‘vintage’ element is one of the coolest things about this boot—it gives the suede so much character and depth. Machines can’t achieve this level of intricacy in leather distressing, and most bootmakers aren’t willing to attempt it. Stallion’s master craftsmen do it entirely by hand, making each boot as unique as the set of hands that worked it. The easy on-and-off zipper (great for air travel) is incorporated into the seam and barely visible, while its leather tassel adds a roguish hint to the otherwise sleek profile. Downsize half a size unless you have a very high instep or wide foot.

July 19, 2017 by Stirling Thomas

Fedeli Favonio

The Favonio Half-Zip Sweater by Fedeli is made from a 55% wool, 45% cashmere fabric in a handsome, almost heathered mélange. We love the casual, confident versatility of a half-zip sweater, whether adding a more ‘finished’ look to a leather jacket or t-shirt, or a familiar softness to a dressier look. Warm, soft, and substantive without too much weight, this is a foundational fall and winter piece with timeless appeal.

July 13, 2017 by Stirling Thomas

Academia Jacket

The Academia Jacket is what happens when things fall together in just the right way. Fully re-stocked but guaranteed to go fast, this anytime, anywhere jacket has a timeless style and effortless cool you'll want to see for yourself. 

July 13, 2017 by Stirling Thomas

Cherchi Denim Shirt

The Cherchi Denim Shirt by Giannetto Portofino is made from a 100% cotton fabric, expertly washed for a timeless look and well-worn comfort. With its hearty weight and vintage detailing—Western yoke, snap buttons down the front and at the twin breast pockets—the Cherchi simply radiates Americana appeal. Runs true to size with a trim fit.

July 12, 2017 by Stirling Thomas

Brogan Boot

The Brogan Boot by Alberto Fasciani is entirely handmade with lightly vintaged leather in a beautiful antique brown. Alberto Fasciani has an especially keen eye for reinterpreting classic styles in a modern design, and the Brogan Boots are a fine example. Originally developed in 16th century Scotland and Ireland for use as work boots in countryside bogs and moors, brogans (along with ‘brogues’, the word derives from the Old Irish for shoe: bróc) historically have been used as do-it-all work boots by farmers, longshoremen, doughboys, and civilians alike. Featuring a full leather upper and lining, leather soles with partial rubber shielding, and understated detailing, Alberto Fasciani’s Brogan Boots preserve that rugged character in a subtle, modern silhouette. Italian size 40 fits like a US size 8.5/9; 42IT fits like 10/10.5US; 44IT fits like 11.5/12US.

July 10, 2017 by Stirling Thomas

Mandala Bag

Founded by Marco Campomaggi in 1986, Campomaggi has established itself as the premier name in vintage-styled handbags. The son of a sculptor, Marco inherited the artistic drive in his blood. He designed his first bags as a student, using saddle leather and metal fittings. These origins still inform Campomaggi’s style, as the bags’ detailing often nods to the robust character of leather tack. Campomaggi’s materials and production process are unique in the world of luxury handbags. First, Campomaggi is one of the only luxury brands to use cowhide leather. Whereas many shy away from cow leather’s rugged texture, Marco developed a special washing and dying process to soften the material while retaining its uniquely robust character, which are perfectly suited for Campomaggi’s vintage style. The result is an irreproducible vintage bag that will only soften over time while it gains character and vintage appeal.

July 10, 2017 by Stirling Thomas

The Path

Featuring a platinum centerpiece with nine inset diamonds (blue, yellow, white, and grey), an 18k gold crosspiece, border & jester motif, and a sterling silver background engraved in the Comstock-originated Poe technique, “The Path” is the latest addition to the James Christian Collection—exclusive one-off creations from Comstock Heritage silversmith James Christian Stegman...

July 07, 2017 by Stirling Thomas

Mattiello Down Bomber

Axel’s Mattiello Bomber Jacket features a dark green lamb suede exterior with a caramel suede accented shearling collar. Insulated with hypoallergenic goose down and a padded polyester lining, this is a very warm yet surprisingly breathable jacket—a true classic bomber (with a few modern amenities). Runs true to size with a trim fit and longer than average sleeves.

July 05, 2017 by Stirling Thomas

Palmwood Necklace

This beautiful necklace by Nan Fusco features two rough-cut, untreated pink sapphires and a four-million-year-old petrified palmwood pendant set in a sterling silver frame adorned with pavé diamonds and rose cut diamonds—clever aesthetic complements to the palmwood’s pooling dots and floating bundles of aspen-like ‘eyes’, and a wink, perhaps, from an artist whose inimitable style so often finds expression in the inherent artfulness of the natural world.

To order or inquire, please give us a call at 970-476-7625 or send us a message through our “Contact” directory page.

June 27, 2017 by Stirling Thomas

Cordovan Loafer

Alberto Fasciani’s Cordovan Loafer is entirely handmade from painstakingly tanned and dyed cordovan leather in an organic green color. Cordovan is among the most non-porous leathers around, making it extremely smooth, pliable, durable, and resistant to creasing. That same quality, however, makes cordovan notoriously difficult to dye, which makes these loafers all the more impressive. Their nuanced, organic coloration—a perfect complement to the understated build and beautiful leather character—can only be achieved through hours of expert attention, and the results speak for themselves. Italian size 40 fits like a US size 9; 42IT fits like 10.5US; 44IT fits like 12US.

June 27, 2017 by Stirling Thomas