When I think of what bohemian means, no singular ‘look’ comes to mind. Certainly there are recognizable themes—a love of movement, color, and complex textures—but to overanalyze those expressionist tendencies is to miss the forest for the trees. I think of the spirit behind the expression, that common thread of possessed geniuses and fashionable eccentrics from Nina Simone to Oscar Wilde, the unconventional spirit whose medium is life, whose art is the art of spectacular individuality. It’s not limited to beatniks or fashionistas, and it’s not about making a point (though it’s not afraid to make a statement either). It speaks to the restless romantic in all of us, whispering a sense of the world as you feel it to be; it makes real the adventure, the vision that can’t be put to words… if only you can see yourself in it.

That spirit is at the heart of our newest Look Series, featuring Axel’s collaborations with Giannetto Portofino & Dune, jewelry by Irit Designs, and our iconic moto-lux “Guns & Roses” jacket.

Stirling Thomas