Tuscan Sweater Jacket In Navy

$ 1,650.00

SKU: Axels-BDSR-F14-M6-Navy-46

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The Tuscan sweater in Navy is one of Axel’s signature items, part of Axel’s Milan Collection. It is made from three layers of 100% cashmere, waffle knitted. We call it a sweater because of its luxurious thickness of heartily knitted cashmere, but its 3-button build and front patch pockets give it a sport coat resemblance. The Tuscan “sweater-coat”, as it is fondly known to some, is unique to Axel’s Milan Collection, and makes for a decadently comfortable fall sweater. Whether you are walking to work on a brisk fall morning or cozying up to a crackling fire, this will quickly become one of your go-to items.

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