Stallion Boots Kid Crocodile Majestic

$ 2,750.00

SKU: GRR-124-Pearlized-7
An elegant 15.5" cowboy boot finished in a pearlized bronze colored kid skin. The boot design is what we call "Majestic", implying a scalloped wingtip, heel counter, collar and pulls with an extra layer of Nile crocodile skin for added protection and style. A style detail worth pointing out is the contrast color leather backing to the crocodile skin. The shaft is accentuated by a double row of buck stitch along the side seams, both in a contrasting brown. Downsize half a size unless you have a very high instep or wide foot. As with all our boots, they are made with carved leather toe boxes, steel shanks and lemon wood pegs, where called for. Each pair is handmade by artisans from Stallion Boot Company of El Paso, Texas with 30 or more years of experience.

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