James Christian "The Path"

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Featuring a platinum centerpiece with nine inset diamonds (blue, yellow, white, and grey), an 18k gold crosspiece, border & jester motif, and a sterling silver background engraved in the Comstock-originated Poe technique, “The Path" is the latest addition to the James Christian Collection—exclusive one-off creations from Comstock Heritage silversmith James Christian Stegman. Whereas most of Axel's buckle collection reflects our industry-unique collaboration between Axel's stylistic identity and Comstock's peerless tradition of craftsmanship, James Christian pieces are as personal as their name suggests. James' self-styled collection is, as he puts it, “the antithesis of being told what to do." In that spirit he isn't big on saying what anyone should see here, but after a little prodding he shared at least what he had in mind.


What takes form here is a meditation on learning your way by losing it first. Not so much “two roads diverge in a yellow wood" as the notion that from time to time your path, though straight and untarnishing, may be outshone by the neon glow of life's many off-ramps… and that sometimes you only know the right way to go after exhausting all possible alternatives.