Cruiser Suede & Jersey Hoodie In Tea Gree

$ 1,275.00
SKU: 210000069047

Who doesn't love a hoodie? Especially, one that has suede and comfortable soft jersey- one that you can wear to the coffeshop just as easily as you can to that fabulous sushi restaurant down the road. Wear it over a t-shirt, under a leather jacket, even under a sport coat to add a little unexpected pop- just make sure the hood sticks out! Now on a more serious note, this piece was exclusively made for AXEL'S, using a garment dye process that is unique to the world of fashion. Definitely a 5 star favorite at the store!

  • Lamb suede with natural stretch on front panels
  • Stretch cotton jersey sleeves, back, and hood
  • Trim fit. Size up for a looser fit
  • Made in Italy