Stallion Boots Crocodile Zorro

$ 4,500.00

SKU: GRR-112-Black-7.5
The Zorro is a wonderful little short, zippered ankle boot that may be stylishly and seamlessly worn under any pant .Great to travel in-easy on and off in a jiffy, and comfortable in which to walk for miles, or hours at a time.The black full Nile crocodile zorro is a soft, elegant, versatile and very special pair of boots;The skin is taken from the belly;The crocodile is tanned and dyed in Japan,then carefully and artfully assembled using the much sought-after smaller tiles, and matching the pieces beautifully. It's a snappy style that will put a pep in your step from morning until night.Put your best foot forward every day or night that you go out in these, and enjoy the journey! Downsize half a size unless you have a very high instep or wide foot. As with all our boots, they are made with carved leather toe boxes, steel shanks and lemon wood pegs, where called for. Each pair is handmade by artisans from Stallion Boot Company of El Paso, Texas with 30 or more years of experience.

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