The Jester's Workshop

Join us behind the scenes in the Comstock Heritage workshop as we trace the creation of an exclusive belt buckle collection—from our in-house specialist Mike Letourneau’s hand drawn concepts to James Stegman’s soldering table and beyond.

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When James re-christened Comstock Heritage, he inherited a warehouse of tools and machines that had belonged to his grandfather, and which nobody knew the first thing about using. So he simply taught himself by using them. It wasn’t a posture (Stegman isn't one for posturing). Antiques or not, these were good, available tools.

Still, it's a bit surreal to watch the team move so casually between the massive drop hammer—Kaiser Steel beams, ‘57 Chrysler axle & differential, and original 1903 Fulton Iron Works hammer—and a metal shear with MAKE SURE YOU USE SAFETY BAR painted above the long-gone bar's faded outline.

There is so much to meet the eye, and yet the whole surpasses the sum. If you work and learn for years on years with the same ageless tools, they really do become like extensions of your hands. A short distance from creativity to creation. That is authentic craftsmanship, and the results speak for themselves.

Craftsmen are made, not born.