après ski

Tap into relaxed luxury

Women's Shearling Coats at Axel's— iconic Americana style meets luxury Italian design. Outerwear, by Nature. Warm, breathable, timelessly chic. Don't just repel the weather, embrace it.

Leather & Suede

Character, craftsmanship, and unparalleled style—everything you want in a leather jacket. From moto jackets to elevated suede snap shirts, our artisan-made leather and suede jackets are made for a lifetime of adventure.

Knit Outerwear

A collection of knit jackets made of a wool-mohair blend fabric. Made exclusively for Axel's in Italy by Gimo's, each style features a thick, well-textured wool, and registers definitively as a coat with a sweater's softness and stretch.

Sweaters & Knits

Something about wearing luxuriant cashmeres, rich wools, & unique blends that feels like home. To feel warmly contained out in the cold, it’s something hard-shell artificial fabrics can’t approximate—the comfort of richly knitted wool, the ease of belonging.