Gimo's Francesco Jacket

$ 1,675.00

SKU: Gimos-S17-M06-Brown-M
The Francesco Jacket by Gimo’s features a washed and well-vintaged dark brown leather. Gimo’s craftsmen are some of the best in the world at producing authentically vintaged leathers, and their exp...
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Giannetto Portofino Montemoro Denim-Linen Shirt

$ 350.00

SKU: Axels-GP-S17-M09-Blu/Purp-M
The Montemoro Shirt by Giannetto Portofino is made from a 60% cotton, 40% linen fabric with soft undertones of purple that beautifully complement and deepen the denim’s dominant blue. Built with an...
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Kiton Monte Viso Cashmere/Linen/Wool/Silk Sport Coat

$ 7,195.00

SKU: Kiton-S17-M12-Golden-48
The Monte Viso is made from 53% cashmere, 17% linen, 17% wool, 13% silk in a rich gold fabric. It has an excellent balance of breathability, texture, and weight to drape cleanly; its half-lined int...
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Fedeli Munari Turquiose Long Sleeve Polo

$ 449.00

SKU: Fedeli-S16-M06-Turquoise-50
The Munari Long Sleeve Polo Shirt by Fedeli is made from 100% cotton in a subtle piquet weave. With natural breathability and movement in its lightweight but substantive fabric, the Munari is a ver...
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Gimo's Giovanni Jacket

$ 1,695.00

SKU: Gimos-S17-M02-Blue-M
The Giovanni Jacket by Gimo’s is made from hand-washed and vintaged leather in a soft-toned steel blue color. Gimo’s craftsmen are some of the best in the world at producing authentically vintaged ...
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Gimo's Pierre Luigi Bomber Jacket

$ 1,125.00

SKU: Gimos-S17-M04-Brown-M
The Pierre Luigi Jacket by Gimo’s is a lightweight bomber-inspired jacket made from washed and lightly hand-vintaged leather in a mid-brown shade. A featherweight body-lining of 100% cotton enhance...
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Sa Zeppara Long Sleeve Polo

$ 370.00

The Sa Zeppara Long Sleeve Polo by Massimo Alba is made from 100% linen in a dark green color. The fabric is done in an understated weave that sublimates the linen’s characteristic texture while su...
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G.abo Irgoli Linen/Silk/Cotton Jacket

$ 1,295.00

SKU: G.abo-S17-M04-Brown-50
The G.abo Irgoli Jacket is made from a 55% linen, 25% silk, 20% cotton fabric in a light brown color. That high linen content creates excellent texture, while the silk and cotton insinuate a natura...
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Massimo Alba Newark Cashmere V-Neck Sweater in Green

$ 710.00

SKU: MassimoAlba-S15-M27-Green-M
The Newark V-Neck Sweater by Massimo Alba is made from a lightweight, one-ply 100% cashmere fabric, washed and garment dyed to give it a broken-in look. We love this sweater’s classic design, livel...
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Axel's Signature Lioni Linen Shirt in Navy

$ 325.00

SKU: Axels-GP-S17-M02-NAVY-M
Part of Axel’s Signature Collection, the Italian-made Lioni Shirt features 100% linen in a beautiful navy shade. By its nature, linen has a subtle texture that nuances the colors and patterns with ...
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G.abo Talana Wool/Silk/Linen Jacket

$ 1,325.00

SKU: G.abo-S17-M06-BRN/BLU-48
The G.abo Talana Jacket is made from a 65% wool, 20% silk, 15% linen fabric in a brown and blue windowpane pattern. The fabric is done in a hopsack weave to accentuate its rich texture, giving the ...
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Massimo Alba Gustavo II Linen-Cotton Pant in Safari

$ 370.00

SKU: MASSIMOALBA-S17-M04-Safari-50
The Gustavo II Pant by Massimo Alba features a 60% linen, 40% cotton fabric in a rich tan color. The fabric is a happy marriage of linen and cotton’s best qualities—light, breathable, and full of t...
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