Sport Coats & Blazers

Boglioli Umberto Pashmina K-Jacket

The Boglioli Umberto Pashmina K-Jacket in Navy exemplifies all of the characteristics that make Boglioli sport coats some of our favorites. It’s made from 100% pashmina, one of the finest... Learn More

$ 3,695.00

Kiton Maggio Sport Coat

NOTE: as of 7-7-16 we have in stock the material to make one more of these jackets in ANY size. Please give us a call or email if you are... Learn More

$ 6,495.00

Kiton Vicenza Sport Coat

The Vicenza jacket is made from 94% cashmere, 4% silk, and 2% vicuña in an understated navy houndstooth pattern. The fabric draws you in rather than jumping out—and it really... Learn More

$ 8,495.00

Kiton Carlton Cashmere/Silk Sport Coat

The Carlton sport coat is made from 93% cashmere, 7% silk in a dignified brown and red Glen plaid. The cashmere is fairly lightweight, but its high content still gives... Learn More

$ 7,495.00

Kiton Bolsano Sport Coat

The Bolsano jacket is made from 10% cashmere, 90% wool in a beige check pattern that radiates fall look. The fabric makes this one of our lighter fall jackets, and... Learn More

$ 5,935.00

Kiton Vuka Sport Coat

The Vuka jacket is made from 100% cashmere in a handsome deep red houndstooth pattern. It’s built on Kiton’s Lasa model, probably our favorite jacket style that they do. We... Learn More

$ 7,800.00

G.abo Gorgona Silk/Linen/Cotton Sport Coat

Three buttons roll to two in this latest single-breasted, spring/summer jacket from G.Abo. Its light, breathable fabric is made of 45% silk, 35% linen, 20% cotton, meaning it holds its... Learn More

$ 1,395.00

G.abo Prato Silk/Linen/Cotton Sport Coat

Several different shades of blue make up this smart, exploded birdseye pattern. Made from 45% silk, 35% linen and 20% cotton, the material for this jacket is soft, light and... Learn More

$ 1,395.00

G.abo Antoine Silk/Cotton Sport Coat

A silk/cotton summer blazer, The Antoine, is a beautiful, contemporary sport coat cut on the slim silhouette of G.abo's New Napoli model. The make of this jacket is one of... Learn More

$ 1,885.00

Boglioli Fregene Silk Cotton Dover Jacket

The Dover from Boglioli features a smart, blue herringbone weave. Since the yarn is 83% silk and 17% cotton, the material is some of the softest you will find on... Learn More

$ 1,845.00

Boglioli Fregene Silk Cotton Dover Jacket

The Dover from Boglioli features a smart, gray herringbone weave. Since the yarn is 83% silk and 17% cotton, the material is some of the softest you will find on... Learn More

$ 1,845.00

Stile Latino Bellini Silk/Cotton Sport Coat

Just in time for spring, this versatile sport coat has a beautiful tweed pattern that combines navy and brown to beautiful effect. The weave on this light fabric feels at... Learn More

$ 2,495.00

Kiton Murcia Navy Canvas Jacket

The Murcia combines some elements of a dressier sport coat with features you would find on more casual outerwear. The result is a jacket that is stylish enough to wear... Learn More

$ 4,595.00

Stile Latino Gabbana Cotton/Linen Sport Coat

Another beautiful creation from Vincenzo Attolini, this three-roll-two jacket has a unique fabric that has the smoothness of silk but still maintains its structure. The exploded hopsack contains an array... Learn More

$ 2,495.00

Stile Latino Mallina Silk/Linen/Cotton Double Breasted Jacket

The blue-and-white basket weave on this beautiful jacket is reminiscent of wind-kissed whitecaps on the deep blue Mediterranean. Double-breasted in a six-roll-two (but you only need to button one!), the... Learn More

$ 2,449.00

Stile Latino Citterio Blue Denim Jacket

Ever the risk-taker, here Vincenzo Attolini uses top-quality denim twill as the fabric for a handmade, double-breasted jacket. The denim is made and washed in Naples, creating a bright, vibrant... Learn More

$ 2,495.00

Kiton Buiano Cashmere/Silk/Linen Corn Flower Sport Coat

For a comfortable, lightweight garment that is great for travel yet still stylish, it’s hard to do better than the Buiano hopsack jacket. With a blend of 55% cashmere, 25%... Learn More

$ 7,047.00

Kiton Abruzzo Cashmere/Silk Beige Sport Coat

This twill jacket from Kiton is constructed using their famed Lasa model. Made from 92% cashmere and 8% silk, they have chosen these materials to create a garment that balances... Learn More

$ 7,425.00

  • Before Measuring

    To get the most accurate measurements, stand in a relaxed and natural posture. This is how you stand at an evening-long cocktail party, not how you pose in front of a mirror.

    Unless otherwise directed, hold the measuring tape firmly, but not tightly, against the skin. It’s also fine to measure over a T-shirt, but anything bulkier will distort results.

    It is ok to round up to the nearest half-inch, but please do not include additional inches (unless otherwise directed). Different measurements have different standards for additional inches of fabric—we will account for those.

    Standard shirt sizes (S, M, L, etc.) offer a useful starting point—see the size chart below for reference. Take note of any issues you have with your normal size, and direct extra attention to these measurements. For example, if you typically wear a size Large but often find your sleeves a bit too short, your arms might actually be 36 inches long. Let us know, and we’ll get your custom fit just right. Next we’ll cover how to conduct each measurement.

    Collar 141/2 15 151/2 16 161/2 17 171/2 18 181/2 19
    Shape 32 -4 34 -4 36 -4 38 -4 40 -4 42 -4 44 -4 46 -4 48 -4 50 -4
    Yoke 16
    Tail 30 30 31 31 32 32 32 33 33 33
    Size S S M M L L XL XL XXL XXL
  • Step 1: The Collar

    Lay the measuring tape just above the collarbone, measuring the circumference of the neck and leaving enough slack in the tape to fit one finger (~¼ inch) between the tape and skin.

  • Step 2: The Sleeve

    With arms relaxed and at one’s side (natural bend is ok), measure from the top of the spine (where the neck meets the back) to the tip of the shoulder, continuing down the arm, and stopping midway between the wrist and the thumb’s MP joint (middle of the thumb’s three joints). Sleeve length is a difficult self-measurement, so it may be helpful also to measure the length of a shirtsleeve known to fit well. Measure the shirt the same way as before: middle of the collar to the seam of the shoulder, continuing down to the tip of the cuff. For a shirt you primarily intend to wear with a coat, add ¼ inch to this measurement so that the cuff will show appropriately.

  • Step 3: The Chest

    Place the measuring tape level with the sternum, measuring the circumference of the chest. This measurement should be firm—not leaving slack like the collar, but not constricting the chest either.

  • Step 4: The Abdomen

    This measurement is identical to the chest, except that the tape should be placed two inches above the navel.

  • Step 5: The Shoulders

    The shoulders are measured similarly to the sleeves. The tape measure should make a line, point-to-point, from the tip of one shoulder to the other, with the top of the spine as the middle point. Shoulder shape and slope can vary—those with sloping shoulders or high, almost shrugging shoulders should make a note in the “Custom Sizing Preferences” section.