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Launched in 1968 by fifth generation clothier Ciro Paone, Kiton is widely recognized as an icon of the Neapolitan tradition of tailoring. Paone’s passion for beauty, loyalty to classic style, and pride in his craftsmanship remain the brand’s guiding principles. This steadfast dedication to character and quality is one of the reasons we so enjoy working with Kiton.  It takes 4 ½ hours and 22 separate steps, most by hand, to make a Kiton shirt. Lavish hand stitching, about 12 per cm (industry norm is 9), introduces flexibility, letting the shirt literally shape to the wearer's body. As with any Kiton piece, you are guaranteed a beautifully made shirt in a fabric exclusive to the maker. To me, exclusivity is becoming more and more important in a time when smaller fabric mills are being absorbed by international conglomerates, and individuality is vanishing. 

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