Our sport coat collection could be a tale of two cities—virtually all of our jackets come from Naples and Milan.

Perhaps in some ways that isn’t so surprising. Italy’s twin cities of fashion are leading figures in the international fashion industry. But what makes their stories interesting is how they are at once so different and so similar.

In many ways, Naples and Milan profile like sister cities. They are the 3rd and 2nd largest urban municipalities in Italy, respectively, and both are major centers of culture and commerce. But for as similar as they seem from a distance, the two have richly distinct characters—influenced in large part by their locations.

Located only 30 miles from the Swiss border, Milan has a decidedly continental feel. As the world’s semi-official fashion capital, an international mentality characterizes its dress as well—Milanese tailoring has a certain avant-garde edge, but this is usually moderated by a worldly, professional temperament.

Naples, on the other hand, is known for a more casual disposition. Located on Italy’s Southwestern coast, Naples has a strong Mediterranean influence, and its style reflects the region’s warmth, color, and joie di vivre. A tailored jacket from Naples combines luxurious comfort and quality with a look of easygoing grace, equally at home at a board meeting, stadium, or bike ride to the café.

For both Naples and Milan, sartorial craftsmanship is an art as much, if not more than, an industry. Our collection includes the best these traditions have to offer, and we’d love to help you find a tailored jacket that suits your style.

Axel Wilhelmsen