Finamore’s story begins in 1925 when Carolina Finamore set up a small tailor shop in the historical center of Naples. Working for select customers, Carolina’s sewing earned a masterful reputation for its effortless command of classic Neapolitan style, a distinction that would become synonymous with the family name.

Ninety years later, “Carolina’s World” has expanded to an international brand, yet its tradition remains the same. For Simone, Paolo, Andrea, and Annamaria Finamore, tailoring is in their blood. They grew up surrounded by piles of fabric, bent heads and busy hands, the philosophy of elegant dress, the romance of the iconic Neapolitan craft.

This sense is evident in the clothing they create as well as the way they conduct their business. None of their shirts are stocked, but made to order, chosen from literally thousands of fabrics. Rarely does one see the same fabric repeated by others. We buy their shirts in 2 different finishes perfectly suited for our lifestyle: Sport and Dress. These handmade shirts are uniquely tailored with a level of precision and smoothness exclusive to traditional Neapolitan craftsmanship, offering a versatility and durability enjoyed only in handcrafted garments.

Stirling Thomas