Ripped jeans are coming back, time to bag your wrinkle phobia with linen. Check out our summer suits in cool fabrics. Yes, even linen blends wrinkle, but that's what summer is all about. Don't take life too seriously! Time for colors like cream and oyster. Use the cleaners if needed.

Mix & Match to Travel Lite!

When packing for summer business trips I pack two suits, one cream one navy. Add to that a couple of dress shirts, a linen shirt, a few colorful ties and two pairs of shoes. I also bring a lightweight sweater for the plane.  Since I wear half of this while traveling there is room in my carry-on luggage for running gear. By mixing and matching these outfits, I get four dressier and two after-work variations that takes care of my needs for one to two weeks on the road.


    1. The light suit. The Gigi Pesaro Suit or Boglioli Chesapeake Suit

     2. The dark suit. The Gigi San Severo Suit or Boglioli Chesapeake Suit

    3. The light jacket w/dark pants. The Gigi Pesaro

    4.The dark jacket w/light pants. The Gigi San Severo Suit

    5. One linen shirt w/light pants. Finamore Sergio Linen Check In Mediterranean Blue

    6. The same linen shirt w/dark pants.  Finamore Sergio Linen Check In Mediterranean Blue

    ... And an extra layer for the plane. Svevo Gable Double Breasted Cashmere Sweater

    Not rocket science, but you'll travel in style. Our summer suits are trim, but not slim. The jackets measure 73 to 74 cm in length for a size 50 and the pants, although with relatively narrow, modern leg openings, are sized to accommodate athletic legs. The jackets are unlined and unstructured with a 3 button rolled to 2 button stance, and all have side vents. The makers are Boglioli and The Gigi, both from Gambara in Brescia in Northern Italy.

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