Sartorio Villazon Sport Coat

Kiton purchased the Sartorio label from their fellow Neapolitan tailor, Cesare Attolini, in 2002 and introduced it to the American market in 2009 the year we first started showing it. The make of the Sartorio sport coats is partially handmade notably in some key areas, including parts of the shoulders and collar. As with the rest of the Kiton's sartorial wonders, Sartorio is made at their facility in Arzano, just north of Naples, Italy. The Villazon blazer is half lined with soft shoulders and is cut from a 60/40 wool/linen cloth. The model is a 3 button rolled to 2 with patch pockets, a welted chest pocket and side-vents. A spectacular, lightweight summer jacket! The color is salmon with a double windowpane in soft white and pairs well with white bottoms be that 5 pocket or regular trousers.

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