Came by my parents house last Friday morning when I ran into my father coming out of the woods with his three best friends: Rocky, the Labrador; his Boglioli unstructured cashmere sport coat; and one of his many chunky sweaters. I give him grief daily for his infatuation with hearty sweaters, but he claims it's part of his Viking heritage. Check out these pieces. They really become best friends!

Axel Jr.


Arnaldo Cashmere K Jacket $2,995 (3 Colors)Dunmore Honeycomb Cardigan $1,345Sterling Silver & Gold Buckle SetPT05 Jeans


Dunmore Honeycomb Cardigan w/Suede Elboy Patches in Beige $1,345,  Dunmore Honeycomb in Grey $1,295,  Bono Waddle Weave Cardigan in Navy & Beige $1,245

Boglioli Franco K Jacket  (5 Colors) $3,095Riccardo Cashmere Sweater $995


Riccardo Cashmere Sweater in Navy & Beige $995, Eros Scarf in Brown & Cream $595 (Please Call)

 Portillo Vest in Sand $1,235Rivaldo Sweater in Beige Melange $1,795, Eros Scarf in Brown & Cream $595 (Please Call)

  Rivaldo Sweater in Beige & Blue Melange $1,795

  Pecori Scarf in Burgundy & Navy $585 (Please Call)

Axel Wilhelmsen