Kiton Donatello Cashmere-Vicuña-Silk Sport Coat in Burgundy

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The Donatello Sport Coat by Kiton is made from a 88% cashmere, 7% vicuña, 5% silk fabric in a burgundy and navy windowpane pattern—lending a fall-appropriate slant to the look without compromising its seasonal versatility. Vicuña is one of the world’s finest and most-valued fibers, sourced only from the Andes Mountains’ high-alpine areas where the vicuña (a relative of the alpaca) resides; it was so highly prized by Inca society that only royalty were permitted to wear it. Even in a small percentage, vicuña’s remarkable softness and texture imbue the fabric with a cloud-like hand and an almost brushed appearance.

Half-lined, and unstructured for a natural fit, this 3-roll-2 Lasa Model jacket has a classic ‘sport coat look’ with a nice hint of contemporary edge. Side vents and patch pockets register a clean, easygoing profile, while Kiton’s specialized garment dying and washing process gives the fabric a rare depth of color and luxurious hand. Kiton’s tailors spend 38 hours hand-making each Lasa model jacket, and the quality certainly bears out founder Ciro Paone’s maxim: il meglio del meglio più uno—“the best of the best plus one.”

  • 88% cashmere, 7% vicuña, 5% silk
  • 100% cupro quarter-lining
  • 3-roll-2, unstructured
  • Patch pockets, side vents
  • Sleeves unfinished to facilitate tailoring (buttons included)

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