Kiton Bolsano Wool-Cashmere Sport Coat

$ 5,935.00

SKU: Kiton-F16-M03-Beige-54

The Bolsano jacket is made from 10% cashmere, 90% wool in a beige check pattern that radiates fall look. The fabric makes this one of our lighter fall jackets, and it makes for a competitive price point with no compromise in feel and quality. The Bolsano is built on Kiton’s Lasa model, probably our favorite jacket style that they do. We feel like it has an ideal combination of features. The build is 3 button rolled to 2 (a classic ‘sport coat’ look), with an unstructured form for a natural fit. Half-lining—the collar, shoulders, and lapels are satin-lined—keeps the jacket breathable and light, while the cashmere fabric has enough weight of its own to ensure a nice drape off the shoulders. Side vents and patch pockets give the Bolsano a clean but easygoing profile. Garment-dying and washing give the fabric incredible depth of color and a luxurious feel.

  • Sleeves unfinished to allow individualized tailoring
  • Buttonholes and functional buttons installed upon purchase & tailoring
  • Garment washed and dyed
  • Half-lined with satin lining
  • Side vents and patch pockets

It takes Kiton’s tailors 38 hours to make each Lasa model jacket by hand, and the quality really shows. Runs true to size, with an 8-inch drop (as with all of our Kiton jackets). Please don’t hesitate to give us a call with any sizing questions.