Stile Latino Bellini Silk/Linen/Cotton Jacket in Light Blue Herringbone

$ 2,495.00

SKU: StileLatino-S16-M02-LT.Blue-52

Several different shades of blue make up this smart, exploded birdseye pattern. Made from 45% silk, 35% linen and 20% cotton, the material for this jacket is soft, light and breathable. Though it is relatively unstructured, the careful cuts and hand sewing allow it to hold its shape against your body. Inside it is half-lined in a red Bemberg twill whose color matches the detail under the collar. One inside pocket buttons for security, and the other is for your phone. Two patch pockets decorate the exterior, along with side vents that help give the jacket its shape and feel. The front has four buttons and is double-breasted with three-and-a-half-inch lapels, creating a classic Neapolitan look.