Traveling Lite : Summer Suits

Summer suits are usually cut from fabrics evoking a relaxed lifestyle. Their winter counterparts, as an old friend put it, is more about weddings, funerals and court appearances....

Summer fabrics are often blends of cotton, linen, silk or wool, linen being the most seasonal of the lot. Of course it wrinkles a bit, but that is exactly what draws enchanting images of Italy in the summer, rosé wine and pretty girls. Get with it guys, most of you have no hang-ups wearing ripped jeans with a fine sport coat, but when it comes to wrinkles in a cotton/linen suit, that's more than you can swallow...

For this summer trip leave the ubiquitous, über-practical "travel pants" with zip-off legs at home and try the look and feel of a cotton/linen or linen/silk suit in summer hues like cream, oyster, khaki or washed blue. You are guaranteed not to be stereotyped as the typical American tourist. You will turn heads, however. A great way to pack for business or pleasure is to bring two summer suits - one light and one dark, giving you a variety of different looks. Add to that a pair of drivers, a pair of monk strap shoes, two dress shirts, a linen shirt, a lightweight sweater, plus a few colorful ties. You'll still have plenty of left-over space in the smaller Euro-standard carry-on luggage for swimming trunks, running shoes, shorts and tees. You are traveling wearing 40% of this packing list.


1. The light suit.



2. The dark suit.



3. The light jacket w/dark pants



4. The dark jacket w/light pants





... And an extra layer for the plane. 



Not rocket science, but you'll travel with style.
Our summer suits are trim, but not slim. The jackets measure 73 to 74 cm in length for a size 50 and the pants, although with relatively narrow, modern leg openings, are sized to accommodate athletic legs. The jackets are side-vented, unlined, and unstructured with a 3 button rolled to 2 button stance. The makers are Boglioli and The Gigi, both from Gambara in Brescia in Northern Italy. You are of course wearing 40% of this packing list while traveling.
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