Comstock Heritage Halogen Lorien Vines

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Another of James' reinterpretations of the longtime scrollwork motif, the Lorien Vines buckle started out as a thick piece of sterling silver that was carved down to create the vine and leaf pattern in relief, to which 14k rose gold vines were added for accent. Beveling at the sides of the vines and leaves gives them a smooth, organic impression that characterizes the aesthetic of the buckle as a whole. A sense of balance arises from the motion and liveliness in the gracefully tapering vines and leaves, a sort of harmony in their organic asymmetry. There is an incredible level of detail on some of the leaves (they almost look like silver castings of real leaves), while the tailing ends of others suggests a subtle touch of Old World artifice; the seamless interplay between these themes whispers an undertone, perhaps, of mysticism.

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