James Christian Unteathered

$ 35,000.00
SKU 210000078938

Materials: The base is sterling silver, the Jester is platinum, the wires are a mixture of platinum and 18k yellow, rose, and green golds. White are in the twists, 2 blue diamonds are in the eyes.

"Shortly after I turned 50, I felt part of a club, at the next stage, solid, on top of the world. Then I realized that I was at the head of the pack, and people were looking to me for guidance and support. As a result, or coincidentally, my tethers started to shift. Things and people I had known started to slip away, mostly through attrition, and I began to realize I was responsible for my own destiny, in a way I hadn't been before.

Tethered/Untethered is indicative of these connections. Some people move away from you, some you move pull away from. Connections have different strengths and tensions. This buckle is meant also to reflect what is happening in 2020. Things that we knew to be 100% true, seeing people at work, a career working at the same building, a standing date night at a favorite restaurant, suddenly changed either temporarily or permanently, leaving many people looking for something to hang on to.

Life always finds a way, new connections are formed, I see this buckle as a sign of positivity for the future, and a reminder to keep making connections. " -James Christian