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The Driving Shoe

The Italian sports car is an iconic image of the country’s modern history. Renowned for their beauty, performance, and outstanding quality, Italian cars capture the national spirit and imagination in a unique way. In the 1960s, as high-end sports cars were reaching a new height of popularity, the idea of driving began to evolve from a plain practicality to an expression of freedom and luxury.

The driving shoe was created to provide the same marriage of performance, comfort, and aesthetic appeal for a gentleman’s wardrobe. The driving shoe’s slender profile and rubber studded sole was better suited for manipulating pedals than larger dress shoes, and its simple but supple design allowed a decadently casual comfort. Catching on quickly, it came to represent the same lifestyle and values as the sports car itself.

Today, the driving shoe is largely unchanged—its iconic status and uniquely appealing design are irreplaceable. Kiton’s interpretations, with their lively color and luxurious suede, accentuate the shoe’s freedom and casual indulgence. Kiton’s handcrafted quality is, as usual, exceptional.

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Kiton Shoes

Kiton Shoes

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