In 1968 Ciro Paone, a man born of five generations of fabric workers and imbued with a passion for elegance and beauty, endeavored to revitalize the world’s understanding of the pleasure and perfection of Neapolitan tailoring. In founding Kiton, Ciro Paone elevated the craft of tailoring to a medium of artistic and aesthetic expression. The quality of clothing, traditional craftsmanship, and passion upon which Kiton was built inspires the company today. Each garment created by Kiton honors Ciro Paone’s vision and speaks to Neapolitan tradition and character.


Based in Naples, the home of sartorial elegance, Kiton is in an environment of color, magic, history, and culture. Underneath the seduction and decadence of this vibrant city exists a culture of tailoring that has been cultivated and protected by groups of Neapolitan tailors. Kiton has taken steps to ensure the future of this legacy by establishing their own tailoring school. Young men and women work under those capable of passing on the techniques and passion for sewing that has helped Kiton set a standard for quality. The Paone family has seized this opportunity to be proactive in helping society while paying respects to the Neapolitan craft typified by Kiton clothing.


The painstaking process of creation at Kiton begins with passion. Tailors spend hours creating suits worthy of the Kiton quality mark. Like any artisan, these men and women combine spirit and creativity through their craft, and the result is a garment that is meticulously constructed as only a hand-sewn garment can be. Their slogan, “The Best of the Best +1,” carries with it a simple philosophy: “work hard to achieve perfection.” Like any good craftsman, Kiton tailors take pride in their work, and the result is clothing collection that stands apart from those who seek to reproduce its beauty and elegance.


The tailors’ specialized training and exceptional attention to detail mean that each garment produced at Kiton follows through on the promises made by the founder. Custom fabrics – some considered to be the rarest and richest in the world – are united with vision and artistry resulting in immaculate, seasonally inspired collections for both men and women. Kiton’s handmade jackets and suits are intricately created and designed to wrap around the wearer for an unparalleled fit. Perfection abounds with each tie, shirt, jacket, skirt, and pant. Think texture, attention to proportion, aesthetic interpretations with eye-catching colors, and you begin to understand the sartorial art that defines Kiton apparel.


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