While I am inherently skeptical of most fashion trends, I have completely embraced the resurgence of tall boots that have, largely, found their inspiration in the English equestrian lifestyle. Why? Because they are romantic and romance, I believe, is a bit of a lost art; it is the magic of real beauty.

There is a collection of riding and field boots that I would like to share with you. They are made in Spain, by a small family-owned business called T.ba. I’ll never forget a photograph I saw in their archives of an old and adored pair of riding boots that were entwined in pink roses, so indicative of their passion for this art. While inspired by traditional equestrian boots, their designs exude a richness that transcends the disciplines of horsemanship to encompass the emotion of the Spanish countryside; their colors, derived from vegetable tanning, retain their natural, organic splendor; their construction and sense of proportion seem perfectly attuned to the laws of nature; and their spirit conveys a strong femininity- one that gallops freely, one whose beauty is rooted in that which is real.

Undoubtedly, these boots do not just transform an outfit; they define it. Whether worn with blue or white denim, suede, or flannel pants, they lend a sense of distinction and purpose. They can harmonize with a structured tweed sport coat just as eloquently as with a flowing cashmere cape or an un-tucked flannel shirt. This sense of versatility and ease is further enhanced by the boot’s profound comfort, whether walking on cobblestones or riding through Spanish countryside. Regardless of how or where or when one chooses to wear these boots, I hope the “why” becomes a part of your life. For in a world that often forgets to stop and smell the roses, it seems worthwhile to recapture a hint of romance.

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Candice Wilhelmsen