The Day & Night Sole

You’ve probably heard Edward Green’s nonpareil shoemaking history. But do you know why we stress their Dainite rubber soles? Learn the story below, and shop the Dainite soled Galway Boot here.


Dainite rubber has been made by the Harboro Rubber Company since 1894. The trade name Dainite comes from a local expression describing the company’s “day-and-night” mills. Still located in Market Harborough, England—almost equidistant between Northampton and Leicester, in the original heart of England’s shoemaking industry—Harboro is one of England’s last surviving rubber manufacturers.


Not just surviving, but thriving. Harboro’s thistly insistence on quality has kept their rubber soles in high demand from distinguished shoemakers the world over (their company history grudgingly admits to one incident of lapsed quality in more than one hundred years—during the Great War’s resource rations).


But it’s not just a bulldog commitment to quality material that distinguishes Dainite rubber. As in so many cases, simple practicality goes a long way. The Galway boots sport the original Dainite tread design because its pared-down studded soles not only provide excellent grip and comfort in any conditions, but also because they don’t track dirt or mud—with no deep grooves or complex rivulets of tread, there’s simply no place for dirt to lodge. A quick wipe on the doormat and your carpets stay clean. Thatis luxury.