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Welcome to Axel’s online boutique! Here you will find collections of exquisite cashmere alongside leather and shearling clothing, European footwear and hand-tooled cowboy boots, and one-of-a-kind belt buckles and other unique accessories.

Our devotion to family and our desire to share our lifestyle of art, elegance, and ingenuity has helped shape who we are today. My wife, Janie, who has worked alongside me since day one, grew up in fairytale surroundings in Connecticut and Barbados, and I was raised in Norway, one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Janie and I were married a few weeks after we first met, and decades later our marriage continues to be blessed with romance and beauty, emotions we hope to convey through our collections.

We have not made this journey alone: Our two adult children, Candice and Axel Jr., are integral to our story, and together we travel the world in search of ideas. We are also fortunate to have some incredibly talented and passionate associates who often act more as advisors than co-workers.

Please join us in experiencing the beauty and romance we offer.


Shirt Buying Guide

November 03, 2014

When I buy shirts, I look for:

  • The right collar
  • The right fit
  • A fabric that I like
  • The amount of handwork that goes into the shirt's production
The Romance of Riding Boots

October 07, 2014

While I am inherently skeptical of most fashion trends, I have completely embraced the resurgence of tall boots that have, largely, found their inspiration in the English equestrian lifestyle. Why? Because they are romantic and romance, I believe, is a bit of a lost art; it is the magic of real beauty.

The Cowboy Boot

September 25, 2014

Years ago Janie and I went to a wedding in Buena Vista, Colorado.The guest list included horses and mules, cats and dogs, and of course cowgirls and cowboys. The setting was exquisite. Clear, dark blue evening sky with the first planets of the night visible. The backdrop of The Collegiate Range' 14,000 foot peaks didn't detract from the picture either. As expected, the bride and groom rode in on horseback dressed in full western regalia. Around us were hats and spurs, belt buckles and bolos, deerskin and fringe, but it was the boots that captured the image of the night. I have always loved cowboy boots. Ever since I was 6 years old and my parents came back to Norway after traveling in the U.S. have I owned not just one pair. But that night it became clear to me that boots were more than an iconic symbol of the west, they were a way of self expression.


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