The Gigi Torino Double Breasted

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Pablo Picasso once said, “learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” Brothers Mario and Pierluigi Boglioli launched The Gigi in 2012 with just that in mind. Their work demonstrates mastery of traditional design and order, but also a playful streak of good-natured irreverence. Balance is key—they are interested in creativity, not satire.

The Torino is a 6 to 2 button double-breasted sport coat made from 58% virgin wool, 42% cotton in a jersey weave. The Torino double-breasted sport coat characterizes this look. The 6:2 button design is very traditional for a double-breasted coat, yet it has a number of elegantly casual touches: patch pockets, side vents, welted chest pocket, and The Gigi’s trademark unlined, unconstructed build. The double-sided jersey weaved fabric (navy outside, brown inside) has a comfortable, lightweight, and flexible feel, yet it has the wonderful drape and naturally tailored fit of a heavier garment. The fabric weight is 360 grams and the drop is a 7.