Fedeli White Funivia Cashmere T-Neck

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Cable-knit sweaters hold a special meaning to Fedeli—when the company opened in 1934, cable-knit sweaters were the first item they produced (Fedeli was also the first Italian company to make cable-knit sweaters). So it may go without saying that Fedeli’s commitment to making the highest quality sweaters is uncompromising.

Fedeli’s Funivia cable-knit sweater is made in the traditional style of cable-knitting, a challenging and time-consuming process that is rarely seen in modern clothing. It requires hours of work by expert hands, but the results are beautiful—you can actually put your fingers through the wound ‘cables’ of cashmere, evoking the original meaning of “cable-knit”. Each sweater is hand knitted by individual seamstresses, so their production is very limited. The Funivia is made in a turtleneck design with smooth sleeves and back, and features three layers of 100% Fedeli cashmere—in our opinion, some of the best feeling cashmere in the world.

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