Kiton Teramo Cashmere Double Breasted Sport Coat

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This double-breasted, six-roll-two cashmere jacket is made from 180 gram cashmere. That means its super lightweight, yet still holds its structure. Because of this choice of material, it has amazing performance as a travel jacket. You can bunch it up and put it in your suitcase, and it will still hold its structure. Yet because it's lightweight, you can also wear it in very hot, humid areas and not worry about it wrinkling. Everything is hand-stitched, from the buttonholes, to the besom breast pocket to the two patch pockets with pick stitching. Fully lined in Bemberg twill, this is a jacket with style and sophistication.

Casa Kiton was founded in 1968 by Ciro Paone. Mr. Paone comes from family deeply entrenched in the Italian clothing industry, from fabric merchants to master clothiers. When he started his own company, Paone’s vision was to infuse the venerable tradition of Italian fashion with modern fabrics and forms. Today, the result of his labor and guidance is Kiton, makers of some of the finest clothes in the world. Headquartered in the tailoring mecca of Naples, Kiton makes world-class garments for discerning clientele.

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