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T.BA Annabella Riding Boot In Red

Handmade in Spain, this boot blends the romance of the Spanish countryside with the discipline of English riding boots. Available in 4 different colors: red, bronze, dark brown, and black, each leather is vegetable tanned thereby retaining its natural warmth and character. The traditional elements of this riding boot entail the subtly rounded toe and the handsome 1-inch heel. The shaft is beautifully constructed and perfectly proportionate; it can fit over slim legged pants without appearing voluminous. While the rear zipper and snap are rather inconspicuous, they are certainly robust enough for daily wear- whether on or off a horse. Aside from the boot's elegant authenticity, we love the 3 aged brass buckles that secure the leather on top of the vamp, lending it a more sporty and dynamic feel. Delightfully comfortable, these boots run true to size. Since they are available only in whole sizes, we recommend sizing up.

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