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Sunset Trails Route

Here the silversmiths at Sunset Trails have chosen a thick, sterling silver wire to form the frame of this buckle. Then, using silver filigree, they have shaped by hand intricate scrollwork to fill the spaces between. To give lightness to the piece, rather than make the buckle solid silver they have chosen to leave the spaces between scrolls empty. This creates a floating effect that gives the buckle a rare quality of delicate beauty. Fits all 1.25-inch belt straps.

Born in the golden age of Hollywood westerns, Sunset Trails Silversmiths have been making quality buckles and silver pieces since the 1920s. Originally located in Los Angeles, they have since moved their facilities to Temecula, California. This location allows them to be closer to their cowboy roots, when films starring Will Rogers were filmed in the deserts and mountains of Southern California. Sunset Trails still holds true to their Western roots, using the same machines they did when they first opened. The result is buckles that represent the beauty of the Western heritage for which they have stood for almost a century.