Stile Latino Canova Donegal Sport Coat

$ 2,530.00

SKU: StileLatino-F17-M03-Charcoal-48

The Canova Sport Coat, made for Axel’s by Stile Latino, features a 100% wool Donegal fabric. Characteristic flecks of color add a little zest to the wide windowpane pattern and correspond nicely with the richly textured, loosely woven fabric. As with all Stile Latino jackets, every stitch and seam is hand done, according to time-honored Neapolitan tradition, by Vincenzo Attolini Jr.’s team of personally trained tailors. The buttonholes are the exception—the sole area where machine-finishing satisfies Attolini’s exacting standards. True to size with a trim, modern fit.

  • 100% wool
  • Three-roll-two
  • Half-lined
  • Three interior pockets
  • Sleeves unfinished to facilitate tailoring (buttons included)

Please don’t hesitate to call with any questions. 970-476-7625

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